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Facility Tour

Each Little Land Play Gym includes a core set of equipment, classes and activities to offer a safe, fun and developmental place for kids to play. Our proprietary systems, curriculum and processes set our model apart from others in the children’s entertainment industry. The core components of Little Land include:

  • Play Gym (gross motor development, social skills and problem solving)
  • Baby Area (soft play area for little ones just learning to crawl and walk)
  • Fine Motor Room (area dedicated to fine motor development, pretend play and social skill development)
  • Classes (sensory art, music exploration and more)
  • Events and Parties (birthday party and activity room or private events and celebrations)

The first Little Land Play Gym was opened in Austin, Texas and is the location where all initial training is conducted. Learn more about this location here.

The Play Gym

The Play Gym area at Little Land is designed to develop strength, social skills all while having fun. Each piece of equipment was selected for it’s unique ability to contribute to childhood development. Swings, slides, rock wall climbing, bouncing and every other component of the Play Gym contribute directly to each child’s developmental needs.

While many pieces of our Play Gym equipment are standard for each Little Land, each owner may add a variety of other items based on space, layout and community needs. We strive to make each Little Land Play Gym unique in its own way to highlight each owner and the community that they serve.

Little Land Play Gym Franchise

Baby Area

The baby area at Little Land is soft and fun for those little ones who need tummy time, are learning to crawl or may fall over from time to time. The padded climbing equipment, mirrors and colorful blocks make this area fun for babies and kiddos up to fifteen months.

Little Land Play Gym Baby Area

Fine Motor Room

The Fine Motor Room at Little Land is a place filled with fun toys, puzzles, books, train sets and other fine motor related activities. This area is designed to engage children through play, social interaction and pretend play.

Little Land Play Gym Fine Motor Room

Event and Activity Rooms

Everyone loves a good party! At Little Land, we have party rooms as well as a large activity/event room. Each Little Land is designed differently, but at least one event/activity room is required to host birthday parties and classes.

Little Land Play Gym Franchise